CannaBae Digital Solutions wants to help you get out of the “cannabis closet” and passionately pursue the once seemly-out-of-reach opportunity of your dreams. Even if you you are not a cannabis enthusiast or consumer, maybe you want to enter into this space, that’s perfectly okay.

Kindly allow for us to assist you in thinking creatively “outside the box” that you’ve placed yourself in, with some online courses, or are you in need of some refreshing, dope content or unique digital design work!

Let CannaBae Digital Solutions guide you in the right direction when it comes to your business, brand or yourself. Need a creative logo, attractive flyer or an e-commerce website designed? Let Ya Favorite CannaBae and her team of creative experts bring your newest ideas to life! Are you tired of boring copy, would you like a second set of eyes on your upcoming book release or marketing materials before it heads off to the publisher? We would love to help!

Outside of graphic design work, web design we also offer consulting. What kind of professional experience do we have with consulting and what types of consultations can we offer you or your business, you might be wondering.

CannaBae Digital Solutions has consulted young entrepreneurs wanting to enter the booming cannabis industry, both medicinal and recreational cannabis patients in the State of California on the right products and dosages to consume based on their preferences, lifestyle and overall wellness goals.

We have also helped several startup companies, not only establish SOPs, but we have even wrote business handbooks, established workflow, team morale, business structure, marketing directives, sales goals, employee training and development and more!

Our latest endeavor of creating the CannaBae Digital Solutions Higher Learning Academy will now allow for our clientele to self study, become certified, then obtain their new career, all from one high quality place!

Meet our CEO, Founder & Educator, Rhonda Jane

Who am I and what do I do? My name is Rhonda Jane and I am bridging the gap between Cannabis and Digital Technology & Information.

Cannabis Collage Art by Rhonda Jane.

There was once a time you couldn’t share your cannabis professional experience on your resume, let alone be out loud and proud about your own personal cannabis indulgence and lifestyle.

Have you ever gained useful skills & training on one job, that helped you tremendously at the next? I decided to take all my talents that I gained over the last 20 years in retail, customer service, cannabis, management and more and started my online digital marketing firm, CannaBae Digital Solutions, that centers the cannabis community, but is inclusive to all!

I am living proof that you can be a successful cannabis enthusiast on your own terms, and apply resourceful & strategic business tactics from cannabis industries and vice versa, into your own business!

Personally speaking, I have been both a medicinal and recreational cannabis consumer for over 17 years and a digital marketing strategist since 2009. From recruiting, retail & office management, sales, data entry, graphic art, web design, photography, blogging, copy-writing, social media management, eCommerce and more.

I have great CannaBae insight to provide any fellow businesses, brands or individuals wanting to navigate out of the “cannabis closet” and into the forefront of digital marketing, technology and innovation!

I enjoy using cannabis, being a mindful cannamom and re-educating the world about cannabis, whether it be via an online course, a group staff certification training or a 1-on-1 wellness consultation.

Once I realized people wanted to know “how I did it myself,” I was happy to take my time creating in-depth, detailed and self-paced courses for the CannaBae Digital Solutions Higher Learning Academy, sharing tips and job resources to not only get your foot in the door, but do so confidently and well-informed.

An eager, hopeful, young, 24 year old me is screaming with excitement for genuinely appreciating how far I have come as an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, especially as a Black woman, who in the past few years recently became a mother too. I am so happy to be able to share my passions and make available my knowledge to more young, ambitious cannabis professionals!

Thank you for supporting the CannaBae Digital Empire!