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This is our “why.” How this business came to be. CannaBae Digital Solutions was birthed out of sheer frustration, divine timing and the complete unwillingness of Rhonda Jane to not believe in herself.

It was the height of the pandemic, after a year and a half of our world being flipped upside down, my unemployment that kept me and my family afloat finally ran out. Shortly after, approximately a month later, I was rear-ended in a car accident, leaving me with a lower back and neck injury, plus a total loss vehicle. Two weeks later my cell phone was stolen taking public transportation to my chiropractor appointments with my then two-year old in tow.

I was so frustrated and I felt hopeless. No car, no phone, excruciating neck and back pain, no available funds to access to bail me out of this mayhem. Things were starting to look bleak. I cried for a day or two and just grabbed my laptop.

I decided to leave behind the BuffaLowe PR empire I had built since 2013 to trade it in for a new, flashy, 420 friendly, high vibe model, CannaBae Digital Solutions.

Cannabis is my happy place. I love smoking it, eating it, rubbing it on my body, drinking it in a tea, soaking in an infused bath. I enjoy talking about cannabis. I love knowing that this plant is a medicine and not a drug.

I take pride in consulting friends, family, colleagues and clients. There’s a rush of energy I get when people who once opposed cannabis, had a bad experience once and swore it off or weren’t previously open to it become curious and need a crash course in what it is, how it works and what it can do for them.

What makes CannaBae Digital Solutions unique? It’s our authenticity, our commitment to provide access to high quality resources at an affordable cost, our vast professional and personal backgrounds, the way we stand out and attract the tastemakers and innovative creatives who want to level up in their current positions as well as future endeavors! Pt. 2

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